Shader Museum - Formative Hand In

Changing the Entire Layout of the Museum

After mainly focusing on code for a good two weeks, I needed to find a way to summon my artistic side and come up with a better looking layout for my museum. That’s when the igloo idea came to my mind, and I didn’t hesitate to try it out straight away.

Luckily, the project brief allows downloading 3D models (all assets are referenced at the end of the post) from the internet so I can focus more on shader creation, which has allowed me to work at a very fast pace. That’s the story of how I’m handing in two almost finished projects at the 4 week mark.

Getting the Layout Just Right

After finding a good looking igloo online, I deleted the top bit and set up the northern lights so you can see them while standing inside.

I experimented a bit with the layout of the presentation stands, intially having a couple on each side of the igloo. That didn’t look quite right in my opinion

It took a bit more playing around to get it right, but I’m quite happy with what I’ve got so far.

I distributed the presentation stands all around the sides of the igloo and kept the snowglobe in the middle of the room so it’s clear that it’s the centerpiece, the one asset that uses all the shaders I created.

I then added a box above each stand to display some instances of the material, or rather the stages of creation. Like I mentioned in a previous post, iteration is key to good shaders, so I wanted to show that in my museum. Then, to better explain my process, I added text next to each material display. I talked a bit about how each shader is set up and the way they work there, but I will definitely update that when I consider the project finished.

Extra Stuff

One more thing that I really want to do, probably not before today’s submission but certainly before January is to add a little interaction with each shader. A good example of what I’m thinking I want to implement is a slider bar that lets you control how big and sparkly the glitter on the snow gets. I would also like to implement a displacement slider for the ice shader as well, that allows you to make the icicles bigger or smaller.

I’m very pleased with what I’ve achieved in these 4 weeks of university. I’m curious to see what indicative grades I get.

Downloaded Assets: