Quick Projects Update

I thought it would be time to give a proper update on all the projects I have going on at the moment.

Shader Museum

Although this project is basically finished, there’s a bit of cleaning up to do in terms of all the shader iterations, and perhaps some optimisation to the shaders themselves. I decided to put this project on stand-by for a while and re-visit it after a couple of weeks, but then I remembered I wanted to animate some footsteps on top of the settled snow display.

The way I did that is by controlling the opacity of a decal using a material parameter collection scalar within a blueprint. Very quick and easy way to get this effect, but I’m sure this could be achieved in other ways as well.

Here’s how I set up the material and the blueprint:

And here it is in action:

Zen Room

After careful consideration and a bit of research, I decided that my handmade Motion 4 Way was a bit overkill, so insted I made a so called Motion 2 Wayinstead. It does exactly what it says on the tin, it creates the same sort of effect but only using the texture twice. I offset them both by (0, 0.5) and (0.5, 0) respectively, and made sure that they’re panning in opposite directions, and vois-la:

And my wird thought process:

Now, I’ve finally started implementing the water mechanics, but they’re not really behaving the way I need them to just yet. I’ll definitely come back and update once they’re fully functional!

1950’s Diner

I haven’t really made much progress on this one as I wanted a bit of a change of scenery (hence the Zen Room), but I will most certainly go back to it after I’ve implemented water mechanics in my other project.

LOD tool

Haven’t touched this project in ages, but I still need to flatten some dictionaries for better data output; speaking of, I really need to figure out a way to output all my data to a log within a tool rather than the output log, so on the to-do list that goes!

That’s about it! If you’d like to see what I come up with next please keep an eye on here, hope you have a lovely day and take care! :)